Jul 16, 2011

Flipping the Classroom

The post below is from an article I posted on a Ning site for work. It deals with flipping the classroom:

I ran across this article today in the loads and loads of emails, blogs, and journals that have collected while we were gone this past two weeks.  It discusses the implications of flipping the classroom.  Instead of being the sage on the stage, requiring kids to listen as you teach, and then send them home to mountains of homework, this article suggests doing the opposite.  Provide instructional resources in the form of podcasts and videos on a teacher website so kids can access them at home.  Then use your valuable class time for hands-on activities, labs, and written work.  Then you become a greater resource than just a lecturer.  If you get a chance, read this article from the Innovative Educator.  If you don't have the time to read, at least watch this video from the article about a science teacher who has been successful using a flipped classroom.  After you watch the video, post your thoughts or concerns about this idea