Oct 7, 2016

Now You Have a Choice! Google Docs TOC

Google just released an update to Table of Contents feature in Google Docs that allows you a bit more freedom.  For a great while now, I have, as I am sure others have too, wanted the ability to add page numbers to my Table of Contents in Google Docs.  But previous to this week, your only option was a table with hyperlinks to formatted sections of your doc.  See example below:

But with the recent update to Google Docs, you can now choose to add a Table of Contents with Hyperlinked items, or Page Numbers.

Of course the key to making the Table of Contents tool work for you is that you apply Headers to your text.   Once you apply Headers to your text, the Table of Contents tool will use this formatting to create your table.

To apply a Header:
  1. Highlight text
  2. Click on the Header Tool
  3. Choose your level of formatting
  4. Header 1, Header 2, Header 3, etc...

Once you have formatted your document, now its time to insert a Table of Contents.  To add a Table of Contents to your document:

  1. From Google Docs, click Insert
  2. Choose Table of Contents
  3. Choose from "With Page Numbers" or "With Blue Links"

Happy Formatting!