Jul 19, 2016

Timesaver Tip: Track Student Progress This Year

We all know that, as a teacher, time is a commodity that is hard to come by.  So to help you out as we approach a new school year, I'll be sharing a few posts on tips you can use to save time in the classroom.  The first of those will focus on tracking student progress. 

Many teachers have the need to track student progress over the semester, so that at the progress reporting period, they can assess whether a student has made gains or has shown a drop in their skill level.  This can be with reading, math, or almost any subject.  

But finding the time to assess each student and track data over a long period of time, without taking a huge amount of time out of your schedule can be difficult.  To make this task easier, try using a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.  There are tools available that can make the job of logging data, tracking it, and visually identifying trends, a piece of cake.

This tip utilizes Google Sheets, Conditional Formatting, and Sparklines.  If you aren't familiar with these tools in Sheets, don't worry.  The video below will explain everything.