Sep 11, 2014

Google Apps for Teachers

Recently, our district decided to make the switch to become a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school.  We are in the middle of the transition and are slowly adding teachers to our district account, one site at a time.  This transition has made things simpler for me, and the discussion that I have had with several teachers has gotten them in the mode of thinking about how Google could be leveraged to making their lives easier too.

The difficulty I have had is helping them understand just why they should use Google Apps.  The biggest and best answer I can give is that Google allows the following:

  • Free Cloud Storage - 15GB for a Free user, 30GB for a GAFE Teacher
  • Access to Google Drive
  • Real Time collaboration - share docs and collaborate from anywhere at anytime with an Internet Connection
  • Google Docs - word processing in the cloud
  • Google Forms - for quizzes and tests
  • Google Sheets - for collecting and sharing data
  • Google Slides - convert your PowerPoints into slides and access them from anywhere.
To help our teachers learn how to use these apps, I have created a few tutorial videos that I wanted to share with everyone.  

Google:  An Introduction

Google Docs

Google Forms

Google Slides

Beyond these videos, there are several links that will help new users keep up with Google News:

Google Gooru -
Google Educators - Sand Springs -
The Official Google Blog -

Hopefully the videos and the links will help you as you Go Google!