Jul 20, 2006

More Links for teachers

I was browsing the internet today and found a few links some of you might be interested in. If you have something you have found on the internet, share it with us.

http://sciencespot.net/ - collection of teaching reference materials, puzzles, trivia and other science ideas.

http://plantsinmotion.bio.indiana.edu/redirect.html - good site for biology/life science. Provides video of plant activities and movements.

http://www.learner.org/biographyofamerica/ - wonderful resource for teachers covering American History.

http://www.ourdocuments.gov/content.php?flash=true&page=vote - 100 documents that shaped America. Contains a brief explanation of the history behind each document and a tool to view the actual documents.

http://www.webenglishteacher.com/ - A site that provides a wealth of resources from any English topic you could think of from Grammar to Drama to Literature - with links to resources on each topic.

http://www.math.com/teachers.html - Site for Math teachers, providing a problem of the week, resources for math teachers and freebies.