Jun 27, 2006

More Links to Teacher Resources

Math Flash Card Creator - if you teach elementary, or have young children, this is a nice, FREE way to create flash cards for learning math. http://www.aplusmath.com/Flashcards/Flashcard_Creator.html

Free Worksheet Factory Software - provides a link to free worksheet creator software.http://www.schoolhousetech.com/

Free Science Posters - Mail in offer for free Science Posters from the Wright Center for Science Education - http://www.tufts.edu/as/wright_center/svl/posters/posts.html

TeachFree.com - Website with free materials and low priced materials for teachers. With each order, the first kit is free. http://teachfree.com/

Class Builder -Free Teacher Office Suite featuring calendar creator, exam builder, with random exams to prevent cheating. http://www.classbuilder.com/